Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here We Go. See Sally Blog.

Blogging! Twitter! Skype! So many ways for an already distracted person to become more distracted!

And though all these new means of communicating and connecting are exciting and offer up new realms of possibility, it's with some trepidation that I've been venturing into the virtual vortex here. This first blog seems to be coming along very slowly. There is so much to consider, and to get tripped up on, but you know that. So my plan is to get with the program, and hopefully start posting something that is moderately interesting. Please check back in.

If I can get over Blogger's linear format. May just have to move over to WordPress.

With Food and Love,


  1. Perfect introduction. Especially the "See Sally Blog." It made me laugh. Love you. ;o)

  2. Thanks, Helen, happy to have made you laugh! Thought the easy reader reference might date me, but who cares? I always thought that Sally got the short end of the storyline ;)

  3. Hey Sally,
    Congrats on the birth of your very own Sally blog. I look forward to your postings. You are a very talented young lady. And I can't wait to see what you create next.
    A sally fan since 1st grade~
    With Love,

  4. hey Sally, this is very cool, and i must admit my first time on a blog, see sally swim at the seashore, i had to practice for my speech problems as a younger person...i am looking forward to experiencing foods with you here, have to say i still use a tid bit you gave me years ago, putting a lil bit of olive oil @the pizza crust, i do it on my frozen ones and it makes a big dif:-) -hope to see you one of these days for some lunchie-ellen kotellos

  5. Thanks, Mary~Rose and Ellen! See Mary~Rose, Sally, and Ellen jump rope on the playground! See them cook and see them eat!